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For Extremely Busy People
Who Don't Have Time For It

Healthy Eating
86 pages
ISBN 0-9635635-1-3
5 1/2 x 8 1/2


For Extremely Busy People Who Don't Have Time For It
  • Tells how to get on the healthy eating track in less than fifteen minutes
  • Tells what's healthy and what's not in a clear, concise and easy to use format, without nutritional mumbo jumbo
  • Gives a system so easy to use you can't help but succeed at eating healthfully
  • Gives sample quick meals, that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less
  • Helps you eat healthfully and stay healthy with hardly any effort at all
Some of the topics you will find in this book include:

  • Recommendations for Healthy Eating: What to Eat & What to Avoid
  • Your Personal Food Planner, to help you stay on track
  • The 43 Second Rule: Why Most People Fail to Eat Healthfully and How You Can Avoid It, and How to Put Together Quick Meals
  • The Healthy Eating for Extremely Busy People Food Pyramid
  • Eating Out—made simple and easy
  • Developing Good Eating Habits That Last a Lifetime



Health is not just the absence of disease. It is a state of well being in body, mind and spirit. If you are truly healthy, you will feel vibrantly alive, full of energy and have a zest for life.

You are unique. There is no one way of eating that is right for everyone. But there are certain foods that are generally healthy and certain foods that are generally unhealthy. This book will help you find what is healthy for you.

Eating nourishes your body and gives it the proper fuel so you can function optimally.

When you drive a car, you put gasoline in the gas tank. If you put water or soda in the gas tank, your car wouldn't run. Your body needs the same kind of attention you give your car. It needs the proper fuel to run efficiently. If you don't take care of your car and it breaks down beyond repair, you can buy a new car. If you don't take care of your body and it breaks down and gets sick or diseased, you can't get a new body.

However, the good news is that, up to a point, your body is very forgiving. If you abuse your body and it gets sick or diseased, it will give you a second, a third or even more chances to care for it properly. And with the proper care, your body can return to a state of health. But you never know when you've used up all your chances. So why take the risk!

To truly attain a state of real health, you have to feed your body the right kind of fuel. Here are the three keys to healthy eating:

    1. Eat the right kinds of foods to
    • supply your body with healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats
    • get the vitamins and minerals your body needs
    2. Eliminate or minimize the use of foods
    • that have been sprayed with pesticides
    • that contain food additives
    • that have been highly processed
    • that have been irradiated or have irradiated ingredients
    3. Drink plenty of "good" water.
And remember my "80-20 Rule." If you're good 80% of the time, you can give yourself an occasional "treat."

If you're under the care of a doctor, check with your doctor first before you decide to use the "80-20 Rule." You may have to "be good" 100% of the time for a period of time until you're healthy enough to enjoy a "treat."

So, get your car in gear and let's travel to our first stop on the road to healthy eating - What To Eat and What To Avoid . . .

Here’s what others say about this book:

"Dr. Farlow has done it again, this time by filling a void with a much-needed book to help people quickly start eating healthfully. It is a great resource for everyone who wants to eat healthfully, whether they know much or little about nutrition. It is also a great resource and time saver for doctors of all levels of experience who would like to help their patients with nutrition."
-Walter Schmitt, D.C., DIBAK, DABCN

"I really enjoyed your book, HEALTHY EATING…. I found it personally useful in my own menu planning and a much-needed aid in educating my patients on how to eat healthier."
-Bryan Stern, L.Ac.

"You have produced a book with invaluable information. I love Recommendations For Healthy Eating. It’s quick and easy to glance at. Personal Food Planner is great. It’s a wake-up call to many. How to Put Together Quick Meals is invaluable. What to have on hand is so important, otherwise you reach for the same old "bad" stuff."
-Barbara Van Horne, D.C.

"This book gives quick and easy rules to follow for the busy person who wants to eat more healthfully."
-Lendon H. Smith, M.D.

Halleluiah! A practical guide that's written in English!
Dr. Farlow's book is the greatest aide for a working woman (and mother) since the invention of the microwave oven! Finally, a book I can put in my purse and take with me to the grocery store. It's difficult enough to shop for food without having to worry about how it was grown or what unwanted additives it contains. Now, all I have to do is consult my handbook and I'm off to the races! No more looking at labels and wondering what all that jibberish means. I feel like I have learned an entirely new language thanks to Dr. Farlow. It makes my selection and preparation of food ever so much easier. I immediately embraced her writing style, it's very down-to-earth and genuine. I recommend this book highly - if your are busy - and who isn't these days?
-A reader from San Diego, CA
November 2, 1998

©2006 Christine H. Farlow, D.C., "The Ingredients Investigator"