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NOTE: The products on this page have been evaluated by Dr. Farlow and are highly recommended.

List of Recommended Brands *


Beyond Organic Skin Care

Beyond Organic Skin Care

100% Certified ToxicFree®
Propylene Glycol Free
Sodium Lauryl Sulfates Free
 Monoethanolamine Free
Parabens Free
Pthlalates Free Lead Free
Artificial Color Free
Fragrance Free
Cruelty Free

  • natural, organic, wildcrafted botanicals 
  • rejuvenating and moisturizing 
  •  calming to your skin 
  • NO synthetic chemical preservatives, sulfates or detergents of any kind
  • improves elasticity and firmness 
  • organic botanicals with concentrated anti-aging power
  •  hydrates your skin
  •  repairs skin damage
  •  prevents deep wrinkles

OraWellness ...
  • made from Organic essential oils 
  • specially formulated to effectively and safely kill the bad bugs that cause bad breath, bleeding gums and pain.
Listen to an interview with Will and Susan Revak about OraWellness and how Susan reversed severe periodontal disease naturally.
Download your Free Mouth Map.
Watch video tutorials.
Get a FREE Bass Toothbrush with every order. Just type "Farlow Free Bass Brush" in the Note section when you check out.

Natural Toothpaste

Replace your toothpaste and mouthwash with OraMD, scientifically formulated from 3 essential oils and nothing else!

It's also great for bad breath, receeding gums and periodontal disease.


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Certified Organic skincare, haircare, personal care, health care and cosmetic products. 

NEW! Baby care products now available.

Independently certified to international food grade standards by some of the world's most respected organic certifying organizations.
Herbalix Products 
Herbalix Restoratives

Body care products from the highest quality natural and organic botanical ingredients.

NO synthetic or petroleum based ingredients.

The utmost care is taken in producing these products
  • finest quality ingredients  
  • the most natural processes 
  • strictest quality and purity standards

Listen to an interview with Liz Fessler,
 President of Herbalix Restoratives

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